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I hope you enjoy this site, and you just let me know if there´s anything
at all you´re wondering about. Also, check out the forum for lots of
teenage news, (thanx to all the r´n´r-posters) that may not appear on the main site.
As of now (march 24th, 2006) - I will take a break from the
reviewing part of RRAF.
But, I got two, new, sleazy writers to do it for me.
And, so far, they´ve done a brilliant job!
So, if you wanna send your records to the RRAF site - please, scroll down a bit
and you´ll find the info you need to get it to the right man, or girl!
Just remember to not put the real value on the package, if it´s over $25!!!!
If you really wanna send it to me - please send me an e-mail first:-)

Alright, check out the links, and you´ll find info about the people behind RRAF:

Ringo Kid - owner, editor & writer

Tom Kristensen - writer

Billy McBarbie - writer

GlamGirl - writer