Hello fellow rock地池ollers! I知 GlamGirl, the newest member of the RRAF rock地池oll Squad. I値l be helping Ringo out, doing some rewievs.
So please, send me your music, and I値l tell you what I think.
Cds, vinyl, mp3s, whatever.
I知 currently training to be a nurse, so noone leaves my house without getting an injection. If you want to volunteer for medical experiments, please email me!
I think Social Distortion is the best band in the world. Other favourites; Trashcan Darlings, Backstreet Girls, the Queers, Rose Tattoo, Hank Williams, Ramones, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Hot Water Music, Mtley Cre, Silver, Turbonegro, Even In Blackouts, Guns地 Roses, Hanoi Rocks, Yum Yums and New York Dolls.
Other interests; everything else somehow related to rock'n'roll, glitter and glam.
I値l also be going to a lot of concerts in the near future, and write some reviews on those as well. So if your band is playing anywhere near Oslo,
please tell me, and I値l be there!


Kristin Berge
Kittel- Nielsens vei 77b,
1163 Oslo, Norway