Wednesday 19. November 2008:

So finally, here's three new reviews:

Peter Blast "A Plush Horse... with a Monkey on a String"
Nilsen's Southern Harmony
Dave Kusworth Tambourine Girl

I'm working on some more, and hope I get the time to get them done in not too many days.

Here's a nice, little rocker for ya:
It's The Last Rock'n'Roll Band's take on The Who's I'm A Boy.
I love this song, and this is a really cool version! So check it out!

I've also found my way to Facebook, like the rest of the world.
So if you fancy hooking up, maybe have a beer, here't is: Facebook - Joar Bolme
And while you're over there, pop over to this one: Facebook - Bakgården Trondheim Scene

See you later!

Tuesday 18. November 2008:

You might not believe this, but I've actually finished three reviews tonight!
A little late, well actually a lot late, as usual. But these words will stay here for always.
Sounded good, right?
Okey, so they'll be up here later today. Now I've gotta go and get me some sleep before
another hard day's work.
Dreaming of The Faces, like last night, probably. No girls in my dreams, just Woody and Mac and even
Rod Stewart wet my dreams. They are getting back together, you know??!!

More later...