Dave Kusworth
Tambourine Girl
(Sunthunder Records 005)

A compilation of leftovers from Dave Kusworth - that could be another artist's Best-Of album!

Well, "leftovers" might not be the right word. As DK puts it - this is an "album of rarities,
out-takes and demos", and that can be just as interesting as a new album. I love live albums too, by the way.
There's not much information with this compilation, so you gotta find out for yourself where the tracks
come from. The ones you know, that is. 12 songs on this disc and I've previously heard only 4 of them.
Two Bounty Hunters numbers - Paint & Sugar and Threads - both in very cool versions and a little different from
the ones that I know. Love the female backing vocals on Paint & Sugar, and she sounds hot!
Threads, is one of my favourite songs in the Dave Kusworth songbook, and this demo is a bit rougher
than the album version. All My Dreams About You, from Princess Thousand Beauty,
and Come With Me from the last Tenderhooks album, Wonderland Avenue,
are both here in nice demo versions. This is all really cool for the fans, maybe not so interesting
for everybody, but I guess that's not the intention, either. If you're a fan, you're a fan and you'll love these tracks!
The other 8 songs on the album are new to me, but they're all classic Dave Kusworth stuff.
The title track is a true rocker. You're gonna get a huge kick outta this one, 'cause it's loaded
on energy and that guitar solo really rips! Another cool rocker, It's Too Late, gotta be a
Tenderhooks recording. Maybe an outtake from the "Wonderland Avenue" album. I love the way the song fades in
and it just drives on with guitars and lots of great piano playing.
On the other side of rock'n'roll - the ballad side - here's a new favourite of mine, called Gown.
Dave's singing is so beautiful and nobody else could ever do this song the way he does. Sometimes,
all you need is a couple of acoustic guitars and a beautiful voice. Colour Your Eyes is another beauty,
and I swear I hear Keith Richards strumming his guitar! Well, it could've been.
The last track, Enough To Heal My Wounds, is a title that was used for a live cd,
from an acoustic tour that Dave did with Glenn Tranter in 1997.
Don't know when this track was recorded, and I would love to have that info, like with all tracks
on this compilation. So if you read this, Dave, you know what to do one of these nights ;-)
Other than that, this album get's a full score.



29. October, 2008
**Ringo Kid**