Peter Blast
"A Plush Horse... with a Monkey on a String"
(Big Bang Entertainment)

Two rockers upfront and I like it!
Peter Blast sure gets that cool guitar sound rolling, and this time he even got
some wonderful guitar-playing by New York Doll, Steve Conte. Check out the two first numbers, Hurt and
Johnny Thunders' Dead or Alive and you'll hear what these two guys sound like together. 
What a pair! Hope they'll do more together in the future.
But it's not only rockers and it's a challenging album, that's for sure!
"If I Only Had a Crystal Ball"  is quite different from anything else I've heard from Blast,
and as gypsy as ever. I'm not sure if I really get it, but it got a sense of mystique, and that's alright.
"A Plush Horse..." is a strong album. The songs are really good, with lots of beautiful melodies and
clever arrangements. It don't exactly sound like this is just wham-bam hammered in the studio in a day.
There's lots of thoughts and passion put into this album, I bet, and maybe that makes some of the songs
a bit tough to get hold of right away. If you're the impatient kind of guy, like myself, you better have some time
for yourself, poor yourself a nice drink and relax and play them over again. 
There certainly are a couple of juicy song-titles to choose from. "Butterflies & Damsels In Distress", being one,
and two instrumentals shines bright on the track-list as "Crashing Through Twilight" and "Silhouettes In The Sun".
The most beautiful song of them all, is one called Chinese Dragonflies. Really lovely guitar-playing and
Blast sings it really well. For sure a new favourite for me.
Another cool thing he's done - he's given "The Last Word"  (originally on the album Explode) a well earned
and rocking treatment. It suits the song and must be a showstopper live.
Two well known tracks close it all up, both already used on the very good "Pure Organic Junk" compilation,
and though I would've loved to get another pair of rockers like these, "On A Derailed Train" and "I Ain't Cursed"
are nothing but smashing. So I'm satisfied, and that's not every day!

18. November, 2008
**Ringo Kid**