(Beyer Records 2009)

One of the best things about playing in a constantly touring band, is that you every day
get the opportunity to check out other bands performing as support-acts. 98% of it is
absolute pure crap, put this fall I stumbled over a band from Frankfurt, Germany,
which really has the potential of getting across borders.


Torpedohead has only been around since 2008, but they’ve already performed with great acts
such as New York Dolls, The Lurkers and of course Slömber, ha, ha. Sleazegrinder from Classic Rock
magazine named them “a German answer to Guns ‘n’ Roses”. Their first album “Lovesick Avenue”
was released earlier this year.  There are plenty of catchy tunes on this one. And I personally
get a more punky, power-pop kind of feeling from it than an immediate GNR-vibe. But on a couple
of the slower songs like “Ticket to the Moon” I can really see some similarity. The melodic choruses on
“Heaven” and “Broken Flowers” are also some personal favourites, and I love the guitar solo on the latter one.


“Lovesick Avenue” has it’s highs and lows, but it’s a grower. I’m sure that when Torpedohead get another
couple of years on their backs as a band, this will bloom into something real good. The songs
“Love Rocket” and “Spacequeen” are plain party-crashers, and together with their great
cover of the King’s “Burning Love” you can only crank it up and sing along!

3. november, 2009
**Billy McBarbie**