Miss 45
EP (No Talent Records)

This four track EP came in the mail alongside a letter from their record company, NoTalent Records.
I was stupid enough to read the letter before listening to the record. According to the letter, Miss 45 is the best thing
since the almighty Rolling Stones. Naturally, my expectations were high.
I was disappointed, and I completely wrote them off.

A few days later I caught myself humming their songs. I was totally unable to get this band out of my head,
and I was loving it! So I played the CD again. And again. And Again. They remind me of Norwegian
pop-punk trio The Brat Pack when they started out (Yes, that’s a compliment). Only Miss 45 is a bit more rock
than pop. They compare themselves to bands like The Ramones, New York Dolls, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys and
Frank Sinatra. I’m not sure I agree. Who cares what their influences are, really? They sound nothing
like them, anyway. This, however, does not mean that they do not rock! Because they do. A lot.
I’m sure they fit a stage much better than they fit records, though. With some bands you can just feel how
great they are live. The recording process sometimes cut away some of the heart and soul of the music.
Rock’n’roll is supposed to be played live and loud, and rumour has it, Miss 45 knows how to get the job done. 

Their songs are catchy, but with lots of attitude. “High Heeled Bitches” is about how tall girls in high heels
make men feel small. Not very deep, but very entertaining..

My favourite is “(Everything’s More Fun) When You Are High”. It has a kick-ass guitar-solo,
and a bit more edge compared to the other tracks. “I Don’t Wanna Be Like That” is a beautiful ballad
where the softness in singer Eric Beretta’s voice really surprised me. “I Don’t Care” just makes me want to dance,
I bet this track is a killer live.

The entire EP has a much unfinished feel to it. They have the skills and they have the tunes.
Most of all, I hear potential. Not that they’re bad now, but give them some time and they will kick ass!


19. december, 2006