Tom Kristensen


TOM KRISTENSEN (born 1960) is a published writer, who specialises in the field of
classic rock n` roll. He was born and brought up in Oslo. After making a name for himself
as a contributor to the self-styled Norwegian underground press, he was asked to do
the same by the music monthlies. At the same time he enjoyed a career as a musician working with
Oslo’s Backstreet Girls and later recording with his own bands Suicide Pilots and Cosmic Messiah.
Early 2000 he moved back to the village in north- Oslo where he grew up, and now lives with
his beloved wife, Brit. Tom Kristensen has written and contributed to several books on the
Norwegian music scene, and he has given us nearly 100 cover stories in different magazines
all over Europe. He has one daughter, two beautiful grandchildren, and he still loves rock n` roll.