Gone Fighting
(Punk Spark - pscd668)

A little dozen of aggressive garage punk songs arrived in my mailbox the other day.
Willycranes are an energetic foursome from the Finish island Aaland, with a career reaching all the way back
to the year 2000. They’re well balanced between the unpolishedness of the garage genre and the rude,
up-tempo drive from punk bands such as Zeke, Dead Kennedys and Swedish No Fun At All.
Despite the thoroughgoing simplicity of the music, they pull off a remarkable amount of catchy songs.
Immediate favourites like “Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll”, “My Religion” and “Psychobitch from Hell”
make you really lend an extra ear to this album, and put it on replay on your stereo.
Besides the punk influences mentioned above, I hear traces of Rancid in especially a tune like “Nicoteen”,
and I even get huge associations to early Hellacopters, Gluecifer and the less known Norwegian act Datsun.
I really like “Gone fighting”. I’ve been listening to it for some days now, and my deep scepticism to garage-bands,
has been tested hard. This is, on the other hand, music for everyone, not just hardcore garage or punk fans.
Check out the band yourselves, and make up your own opinion.
The only minor drawback is that they probably sound multiple times as well live.


9. january, 2007
**Billy McBarbie**