The Weaklings
3-song promo CD

A wowh! a yeah, and we´re on the train to rock´n roll land! In this case to Portland, Oregon. I´ve been there back in 1996 and was more than impressed by Portlands ´77 style punks. But the Weaklings are rock´n roll baby, and that is more impressing. Very catchy in the vein of the New Bomb Turks, a bit Hookers and the Dirtys just to make it uglier. They´ve released three records, two on Junk Records and one on Waxvaccine Records, and a bunch of 7" records. Is your party on the down side because your girl-friend´s putting on all her REM cd´s??
Call 555-The Weaklings, three chord rock´n roll´s gonna save your soul! And party...

19. may, 2004
**Ringo Kid**