The Weaklings
Rock-n-Roll Owes Me (WV04)

Iīve earlier reviewed a Weaklings demo, scroll down a bit and youīll see why this full-length cd has been on my wanted list. You know the feeling of hitting the ditch when youīre dead drunk and nothing but the finger to show the world? Well, youīre not quite down there, but not far from it either when you put this disc in your player. The Weaklings play dirty american rockīn roll with hints of AC/DC boogie. But itīs a perfectly fit production for this kind, itīs not sloppy sounding. The vocals are loud and clear in the mix with lotsa cool backing vocals on top. It swings big time! Ten originals (eleven tracks but one is a five second bass-solo!) thatīll upset your whitewine-sipping buddies and showtime is on for the beer-drinking hellraisers! Sometimes it feels sooo good to put on honest straight ahead rīnr. Some people will never get it, but who the fuck cares?!
Waxvaccine Records

25. august, 2004
**Ringo Kid**