Vibeke Saugestad
The World Famous Hat Trick
(Sprettball Records SBRoo1)


Norway’s Rock n’ Roll princess Vibeke Saugestad is finally here with her third solo-album.
The record with the catchy name; ”The World Famous Hat Trick” is a huge bright light in a dark, cold winter.

For the uninformed Saugestad made her debut as a record-artist way back in 1992 with the band Weld. Since then
the woman has made a name for herself as a solo-artist. Compared with her earlier albums this one is almost
totally free of ballads, making room for even more lovely bubble-gum rock-tunes. For years Saugestad has been
the fifth member of the power-pop band The Yum Yums, and she’s also the singer in Twistaroos.
From the very moment it gets in your CD-player, this record is right up the alley of these two bands.
The album is packed with nerdy guitars played by The Yum Yums own Morten Henriksen,
and the Beach Boys-harmonics that define the genre is all over the place.
”...Hat-Trick” is a very dynamic album for it’s genre. I seem to get a pink overdose of happiness
and a fake glued-on smile from similar records. This time I don’t. Being able to connect with ”reality”
for a couple of songs, makes me appreciate the happy songs even more.
”The World Famous Hat-Trick” is released on Saugestad’s own label; Sprettball Records, but there’s
nothing home-made about this album. Vibeke says that her earlier record-company Universal
only were thinking on producing hits, and that they found this record a little narrow for them to put money into.
Personally I think that almost every single song here could have made it on the radio. Filled with catchy pop/rock-tunes
this record could really light up your winter, and before you know it it’s summer once again!

15. january, 2008
**Billy McBarbie**