Upstrokes/Enuff Z´Nuff
Live at Elm Street, Oslo

Upstrokes came from nothing, and soon became one of those up-and-coming bands everybody talked about,
when they released their debut EP “Gonna Get’Em” back in 2004. They still are.
Although they have played a lot of shows in Oslo, they haven’t really been touring. I love their music,
but after two years of hearing the same songs every time they play, I’m very ready for the
follow-up EP they are about to release. Rumours has it there’s an album on the way too.

Upstrokes play street-punk. In other words; catchy, fast, agressive and energetic. Their lyrics
are about getting drunk and hanging with friends, but also about being working class, being poor,
and how the world is pretty much going down the drain.

This night we got all the old hits. And some new songs. Well, they’re not exactly new,
but yet to be released. Their set was really short, if it was because they don’t know more songs,
or because they’re tired of playing the same songs I don’t know. It’s always nice to be hungry for more
when a band stops playing, though.

Their new songs are even catchier, faster and tighter. My favourite is still their “Sailor Song”.
The closest thing they’ll ever get to a ballad. I really hope that one will be on their next EP.

 For those of us who didn’t go home, there was a very special treat waiting. Unannounced,
probably not very planned, and playing Upstrokes’ instruments, Enuff Z’Nuff.
I’ll just go ahead and admit that I’ve never heard of them before. Shame on me. This is Glamrock 101,
and I haven’t been doing my homework. Apparently, Trashcan Darlings befriended them on Rock the Boat,
and brought them “home” to Elm Street.

Enuff Z’Nuff has been playing since 1989, but have never really made any new hits like the ones
from their big-selling self-titled debut album. When the hair-metal genre, a genre they doesn’t really
fit into anyway, disappeared from the main stream music scene sometime during the nineties,
Enuff Z’Nuff kept releasing albums, changing members and using drugs.
This year they released a Best of-album. Maybe the worlds attention will turn back on them again?
I sure hope so, because I’d love a chance to see them again.

Enuff Z'

15. may, 2006