Trouble Bound Gospel

Down The Rabbit Hole
(Sporting Life Records - SLR008)

Finnish rockīn roll - thatīs something else!
Anyone remember Trouble Bound Gospel?? They were the first band out on the now legendary
Bad Afro Hustler Singles Club, back in 1996. A dirty little 7" it was too, maybe it didnīt do too much to me,
but it had itīs charm. And the cover artwork was `superflyī, as I guess the Bad Afro guys called it. TBG was a trio back then and is a trio now, with a little change in the line up.
I havenīt heard anything from them between these two releases, and Down The Rabbit Hole came out
sometime this year. Coming from the dark woods of Turku, maybe you are doomed to sound like this.
Not so easy to get at first, but the record really gets to me after a while. Thatīs the beauty of this job, I have to listen quite some time to a record before I write a review. If I had bought this record, I might have put it aside after the first spin. Iīm being honest here now, but I hope you see what I mean. So, after taking it for a few rides in my car, taking it to bed and so on - Iīm kind of a fan of more or less most of it. The vocals remind me of one of my favourite garage bands of the 90īs - The Coyote Men. He sounds like a sick and hung over Bagheera!
But boy, does he nail those ballads! And the ballads are my favourites. Track 3, Transparent, is so
beautiful it makes you cry if you think of something sad at the same time. Iīm also hooked to the dangerously
sad and piano-driven, I Canīt Give Up Now.
You can listen to a couple of songs on the Sporting Life web site, but those are not the best ones
on the album, but still, Hi - Jinx, the opening track is a nice garage rocker.
But come and visit me after midnight, and Iīll pour you a glass of red wine and play you the ballads,
itīs perfect for the nighttime!

29. november, 2005
**Ringo Kid**