Trashcan Darlings
Tunes from the trashcan CD
(StrangeDolls Records CD - 012004)

I´ve heard people say that summer is saved, `I can´t take this cd off of my stereo!´ You know, they´re absolutely right. It´s only four songs the Darlings have to offer us this time, but what songs! According to themselves, this is the best they´ve ever done. And maybe so, but that´s really hard to belive for the common man ,like myself. After releasing some of the best rock´n roll I´ve ever heard with records like "Gore gore boys and splatter pussies" and "The lipstick menace", I don´t know if that material can be beaten. Not for me anyway, ´cause I fuckin´ love those records! But this new ep is just as good, trust me. The deal now, is that I think more people will really fall for Trashcan Darlings. They still play their glam-punk like noone else have and never will. But the sound and production is a little cleaner, which might point out the direction the band is going. The melodies and harmonies fall better into place while the rhythm-section sounds amazingly good. Strange? Gentle´s voice ties it all together like only Strange? can, just the way a lead singer of a glam-rock/punk-rock outfit should. History proves that, and the Darlings paves way into the future. A big bonus for the addition of female singer Ingvild Hammer on "(Never enough) You´re too much". It works fantastic! Wanna save your summer too, go find this ep without more hesitation. And do you want a perfect summer? You might as well spend some more on the limited edition Tunes from the trashcan 7" single.
It comes with a puzzle!

11. may, 2004
**Ringo Kid**