Trashcan Darlings
Live at Tribute, Sandnes, Norway

Sandnes will never know what hit them. And what they missed when they didnít go see Trashcan Darlings
this night. Sandnes may be the 7th largest city in Norway, but itís still only a small village.
Iím amazed that so many people showed up. A lot of them starving for someone to come along and and
play them some real glamour-punk.

Trashcan Darlings showed up to save us all, and did their thing; playing music like their lives (or ours)
depended on it. On a stage so tiny that it felt like Frankie and Q.Ken were standing on top of each other,
they still gave it all.

The set was fifty-fifty old hits and new songs. The new hits are starting to grow on me,
to the degree that I almost wouldnít mind if they played a set with only new tunes.
Everytime they play a new song, Iím thinking that this must be the best song theyíve ever made.
If I had to pick a new favourite, Iím going with ďFrom purity to painĒ.

Youth Disaster did a good job too. Not the best band Iíve ever heard, but they definitely got potential.
Just a piece of advice; Less talk, more rock.

Tribute has the crappiest sound Iíve ever heard. The vocals totally drowned, and there was a lot of
disturbing noise that certainly didnít come from the band. But who cares
when the Rockíníroll Horror Show just rolled into town! I can honestly say,
there are no other norwegian band Iíd rather go see than my Darlings.
Thank you for yet another terrific night!

Pictures and some short videos can be found here: Trashcan Tribute - Photobucket
All pics and videos by GlamGirl!

15. may, 2006