Trashcan Darlings
Getting Away With Murder Release Party,
 Elm Street Rock Cafe, Oslo 02/09/06

Trashcan Darlings twice in one night? Have I died and gone to heaven? I guess not.
My dirty dishes were still there when I got home.

 There seems to be a lot of underage Trashcan fans out there. They never get to see their favorite band,
so the first gig this night was all about them. No age limit. I had expected a bigger crowd.
I had expected it to be sold out, with a bunch of crying kids without tickets outside. It was still a good crowd,
and the kids seemed to love it, even though they were asked to leave shortly after the show
to make room for the next crowd.

The second show was sold out, and the crowd seemed to be a little more in the party mood.
Both shows had the same set list. All the tracks from Getting Away With Murder, plus Peggy Sue Is Dead
and Chemical High. What surprised me was how well GAWM works live. There is not a single song
on that record that isn't a killer floor filler party tune when performed live.

When I first heard the rumor of Trashcan going rockabilly, I was convinced it was a very bad joke. And if it was true,
it sounded like a really bad idea. Turns out that Trashcan Darlings were born to do rockabilly. Who would've thought?

Øyvind Sørensen from the Smalltown Ramblers paid us a visit and showed us how it's done, doing the bass on
Because You're Young. Poor Mr. Rockers had to leave the stage and go stand in a corner.
I've stated my love for Trashcan Darlings a million times before on this website. I just need to do it once more;
I love this band! They just never seem to go wrong, this night being another proof that this might very well be
some of Norway's finest young men.

Pictures from the show here: Trashcan Release - Photobucket (courtesy of GlamGirl)

Trashcan Darlings Official Homepage

20. september, 2006

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