Toy Dolls
Live at Blæst, Trondheim


Well, there’s not much to say actually. This night was a blast. The club was sold-out,
meaning about 250-300 people got in, the band was as tight and entertaining as always,
and the beer was flowing.


For everyone who’s seen “This is our last DVD?”, this was pretty much the same show,
but of course a lot more sweaty and intoxicating than watching it from the sofa.
The whole show was just like being witness to a schläger-marathon. The Toy Dolls delivered no less
than 26 songs, including intros, outros, instrumentals and other specials you can expect Olga and his men
to play. Personally I could have wished for songs like the covers of “No particular place”
and “Blue suede shoes”, but if they should have played everyone’s favorites,
Olga really would have wished for his inhalor.


The crowd showed their humble greatfulness through the whole set, and not a single song went by
without everybody jumping up and down, singing along on the top of their lungs.
I swear it’s these kinds of events that changes the earth’s direction around the sun. Ha ha.
The new drummer, ”The amazing Mr. Duncan (Redmonds)”, former member of Snuff, was awesome.
You could almost believe that he had been playing with the band for over a decade,
and not for such a short time as he has.

Olga and his sidekick with the rolling belly; Tommy Goober, seemed to have a really
good time here in Trondheim, giving us songs such as “Olga I cannot”, “Alec’s gone”, “Nellie the elephant”, “Toccata”, and the one who maybe got the loudest feedback from he audience; “She goes to Fino’s”.
I won’t bother to write down the whole set-list here, but if I tell you it was almost the same as on
the live-DVD, give or take a few, I don’t think I’m going to Hell for
breaking one of the ten commandments.

As I’ve said earlier; it’s not much more to say than: This was a blast at Blæst. Ha, ha.
To end this review I just want to send my regards to those poor security-guards who had their hands full keeping the crowd from getting crushed against the stage. I really didn’t envy you that job

Until next time; keep listening to the records, watching the DVD’s and including a new
Norwegian Toy Dolls-tour in your nightly prayers. My girlfriend’s dad might not be a vicar,
but this night at Blæst we all were blessed. Ha, ha, another “great” rhyme I just couldn’t resist.

5. june, 2006
**Billy McBarbie**