The Spittinī Vicars
The Gospel According To
(RWY 009)

Hereīs a record thereīs been some talk about over at the Backstage Passers message board (The Boys
fansite members), and everyone was very happy over it. So now, I finally could hear it too. I know the BSPers
have excellent taste in rockīn roll and punk rock music, and they were definitely right on this one!
I really really like this album, thereīs not one single bad track on it! On the drums is the fabulous
Vom Ritchie from The Boys and Die Toten Hosen. The other guys, John Codger and Vince Incredible, I donīt know anything about. But they sound terrific! This one was released last year, by the very cool Rockaway Records label, and I have to add this to my list over last years best albums! Itīs the kind of punkrock
I canīt get enough of, in the style of The Boys, Cock Sparrer, Stiff Little Fingers, Vibrators and so on...
You better not miss out on this amazing record and new punkrock hits like What England Does, Poodle Pet,
Erotica and many more!
Rockaway Records

21. january, 2006
**Ringo Kid**