The Scared Stiffs
Autopsy Turvy
(Poptown 703071001029)

Any band that covers the Dictatorsī Stay With me, does automatically get a + from me.
Though itīs not the best version Iīve heard, itīs a pretty decent one. How can anyone go wrong
with that  song? A huge + for a great record too to these guys. Really good american 90īs rockīn roll
ala the Devil Dogs at times, and like a nice version of the Cramps here and there. The best of the bunch
is My Mother The Carnivore, the Jerry Lee boogie-woogie piano soaked Voodoo Doll, and the 60īs
influenced Pale Gray Eyes, which blows my mind every time! A very cool video for the song Zombified
comes as a bonus, and itīs cool to see the band playing at New York Cityīs The Continental.

11. january, 2006
**Ringo Kid**