The Queers
Live at Elm Street , Oslo

 Everybody loves the Queers. How could you not?
Their music is the perfect mix of the Ramones and the Beach Boys.

The last time the Queers visited Oslo, Joe Queer seemed a little bored and uninspired. They played for hours,
but it didn't look like they enjoyed it. This night, not only the crowd had fun, it looked like the band had fun too!
Joe played with Filip Hill (Teen Idols, Even in Blackouts) on bass and Lurch Nobody (the Nobodies –
check them out. Great band!) on drums. I was thinking the same thing the last time I saw the Queers;
How the hell is it humanly possible to play the drums like that, sing and not die from exhaustion?
After my calculations they must have played 50 songs! In addition to a lot of old hits, we got a few Ramones-covers
as well, amongst them; “Sheena is a punk-rocker”, “Rock’n’roll Radio” and “Slug”. Apparently they were very
much looking forward to going on tour with Marky Ramone. There are not many bands that can play about
forty of their songs and have the audience sing along the entire time. I can't remember last time I was at a show
where I danced this much, was this hot (Elm Street doesn't believe in air conditioning...), or was this satisfied
with the selection of songs. The Queers doesn't write set-lists, they have clusters of songs that belong together.
So when Joe introduces a song, the rest of the band knows what the next few songs will be. They play them non-stop,
and then Joe introduces the next song. That way you never know what they'll play, and they are free to play
the songs they feel fit. They played all of my favorites and a few new favorites from their next album.
The new album is more Beach Boys than ever, and from the songs they played, this sound very promising!
There are also rumors of Joe doing an album with Ben Weasel (Screeching Weasel) and Marky Ramone.
(Check their website for updates on this) Let's cross our fingers and hope it happens!

 According to the Queers' website, this was one of the best nights on the entire European tour! I can't think of
anything that would've made this night better, so I guess they're right.

For pictures, all taken by GlamGirl, go to: the Queers - Photobucket

30. august, 2006