The Nightmares
Loose And Dangerous
(WV 05)

Yeah you make me happy, Waxvaccine Records! The Nightmares comes with a six pack and
a bottle of vodka and the dirtiest american rock´n roll I´ve heard in ages! No wonder really, as some of the
members have been in bands like Poison Idea, New Wave Hookers and the great Weaklings. It´s easy to get addicted to these songs, especially Empty, where you can feel the sadness and it´s not far away from the Devil Dogs´ cover of Gene Pitney´s Backstage. You´re really gonna love the Nightmares if the Devil Dogs is a household name with you, and let the voice of Gen Genocide cut through your bones too, as the sweat is dripping from your speakers! I swear it is!

Waxvaccine Records

19. january, 2006
**Ringo Kid**