The Morgue The Merrier
Poptown Records compilation
(Poptown 703071 001227)

Cool sampler from a record label I until recently didnīt know about.
Included is one of my faves of the very good Scared Stiffs, My Mother The Carnivore. But this disc
opens with a Misfits style of a song, by a band called Calabrese. I guess that is a band to check out further more.
I donīt know what makes anybody call their band, Spooky Pane and the Migraines? Donīt think I like
the name, but I definitely like their contribution, So Lonely. Cool Ramones punkrock, got me at once!
My number one contribution is Steel Rodeo with a song called Carol Anne. Damn itīs good!
Georgia Satellites rockīn roll all the way! My runner up is Bombshell with their What Ever Happened To NYC.
Great bass-solo intro and one hell of a charming vocal, girly style, and the chorus knocks me down!

12. january, 2006
**Ringo Kid**