The Ghost Of Desperate Dan
(S-Hole Records S001)

Ah yeah, guitars, guitars, guitars and sweet, sweet melodies - that's a lethal combination
which go down like a bottle of Teacher's on the rocks! Well, sweet and sweet, sure the melodies are sweet but
they're more cool and grooving, in a very swedish kind of way.
The Ghost Of Desperate Dan, a very good and surprising name on a band, features Dan Lagerstedt,
also known as Danny Wilde from the smoking days with Conny Bloom and Gyp Casino in the Roadrats,
and later with Andy McCoy on his Building On Tradition album.
As far as I know this is his first time on his own, and in that case, this is one hell of a solo debut!
Maybe I should be careful to call this a solo album, after all the name is The Ghost Of Desperate Dan,
but Dan or Danny, this feels like your album!
12 songs, all written by Dan with a little help on two of them, all modern day classics and will for sure
stand the test of time. There's not a weak track here, and to pick out a favourite or two is just plain unfair.
But, from what I hear here, I hear more! My guess is there's a whole bunch of demos and tapes
lying around just dying to get out and listened to, so I'm praying for another album real soon!

21. March, 2008
**Ringo Kid**