Terror Twins
Demo cd

I was handed this 8 track demo cd some time ago, with the words from the bass player
fresh in my mind: "Stine E Ei Hore rides like a bullet!" 
In english, the title is Stine Is A Whore. All songs are in norwegian, except a cover of
The Heartbreakersī Chinese Rocks.  I gotta admit I was a little skeptical to this trio,
when I first heard about them. I think they originally was a duo, but when they went into the studio,
they added one of the guitarists from Magnum Maids, on bass.
But, when I got home that night, and put this disc on my bedroom cd-player, I was literally
blown away! I had thought that this group was more hardcore or something. I donīt know why.
Maybe the name... Anyway, itīs not hardcore! Itīs punkrock!!
Iīve had so much fun listening to this demo, over and over again, and as Iīve missed seeing
them play live, Iīm in for something real cool when Iīm there down at the front!
I want you to take my word for it, that this is great stuff. But to give you a clue
on how this sounds, letīs get some words down here!
England 1977, is a nice year for these guys. When the Pistols and the Clash ruled the land,
and Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers kicked some english ass. 
And if you got the norwegian compilation cd, Anarki og Kaos (Anarchy and Chaos),
they easily fit in on that one! Itīs raw and basic, simple and straight ahead great punkrock,
with a lead singer who will never even get by the doorman on Idol! And thatīs a blessing
for all of us who like punkrock:-)
You can dance the pogo to Terror Twins, you can sing a long, and youīll definitely
enjoy the catchy melodies and the way cool back-up vocals!
And by the way - I know what you might think, I thought the same thought too. That why on earth
do they do a cover of Chinese Rocks??!! Itīs played to death by so many bands already!
They can easily choose another Heartbreakers classic. But hey man - they pull it off man!
(sorry, saw Apocalypse Now again on the telly last night)
Right besides The Åsmunds - Terror Twins is my new favourite punkrock band!

Right now, I have no idea where and if you can hear them somewehere on the www....
But, if you send a mail to this guy, you might be the lucky owner of
a Terror Twins demo cd yourself! And to all norwegians, youīre in for a real surprise,
song-wise.... haha!:-)
Do you feel lucky, punk?: oysteindosvik@yahoo.no

25. may, 2006
**Ringo Kid**