Romantic Revolution
Yes, swedish glam rock is again back on my stereo! Itīs always a pleasure to see what our neighbours
in the east is up to, and when Tempus fire it up with a smash hit like Dollar Devil, Iīm satisfied!
But that is also the best track, without a doubt, on Romantic Revolution. Clever move to put it as #1,
I would definitely buy this record if I only heard Dollar Devil in a shop! But the other 9 tracks are very good
too, except for the boring Deny The Sun. The Tempus guys might have been in the Quireboys wardrobe, but
the music is not so english. This is swedish glam at itīs best, high speed guitars, great melodies and one hell
of a voice! The ballad, Will He Survive, is one of my favourites, and will for sure go home with you too
if you like cool dramatic songs. Itīs melody makes me think of WASPīs Sleeping In The Fire.
Now itīs time to dim the lights down, on with the purple spots and fire up the smoke machine!
A glass of cool red wine to accompany the show. Aaah, just kidding! Give me the whole damn bottle!
Itīs 9 great songs on this great record...


19. january, 2006
**Ringo Kid**