Song With No Words Ep (AFROCD022)

This new 8-track ep by Finlands Sweatmaster is a warning of what to expect on their forthcoming second album on Bad Afro, out early next year. It consists of two new originals and six covers. You know this kind of record that they want us to hear after one - or several of their drunken studio sessions. Which is a good thing! Iīm a sucker for Rolling Stones rehearsals during the seventies. Itīs a chance for the band to pay respect to their influences and let us music-lovers take share in it. In most cases bands are boldly going out to high sea, hopefully not going down with the ship. Here it starts with a song I canīt recall ever heard before, Mystery by the Wipers. Now I donīt need to either! I already got the Sweats version stuck like glue to my mind. I think it sounds like a romantic 1980īs Ramones tune. I mentioned boldly efforts, like Sweatmasterīs take on Music Machineīs Talk Talk. But theyīre getting away with it pretty damn good, I donīt even miss the organ on this originally 1966 top-notch song. With high spirits they launch into the Misfits classic, Where Eagles Dare and ī80īs hardcore heroes Minor Threatīs I Donīt Wanna Hear It. And guys, you sure did make me smile today! The energy of these great songs are there as well as the high speed. The two new tracks, which by the way starts the ep, takes it a little easier. The title track goes like a car thatīs breaking down, very slow progression. Iīve taken a liken to it now after some rounds on the stereo. The aaaah - huuh-huuh-huuh chorus sure stays for days! The other one, Dirty Little Things, lies in White Stripes territory. Very bluesy and the vocals is not far from Jack Whiteīs. A good gem!
I honestly donīt know why I missed their gig here in Trondheim a while back, though Iīve got my suspicions....
Anyway, I for one say itīs easy to dig this ep. I like it better than the previous two 7"s on Bad Afro, which is the only stuff Iīve heard before this.
Release date 23. august, on 12" vinyl and cd.

Bad Afro Records

5. august, 2004
**Ringo Kid**