Maggots CD single (FROCDS012)

First time I heard this brand new single from Finlands Sweatmaster, I thought this was the least interesting stuff I´d heard from them. Especially after their last release, the Song With No Words ep (see review further down below), I had my hopes up high as a kite, and was really looking forward to this new stuff. And now, after countless rounds on the stereo, I still think it´s not quite there where I thought it would be. I really like the groove of the title-track, it gets to you quite easy, just like the way it is with most of their stuff. Cool vocals in White Stripes land, only that I can hold out longer with singer Sasu Mykkänen than all that Jack White screaming. And they got that Hives-sound on the guitars, which is cool and energetic, but may get a bit tedious after a while. But if you´re a fan of those bands - you´re gonna love Sweatmaster!
This single was released 31. january, so you´ll find it in the shops now.


10. february, 2005
**Ringo Kid**