Suckerstarz VS Sonicdollz

Rockīn Roll Riot (Anvil.corp 3094462)


Two bands recorded at the same studio, in Hungary, but I think theyīre from France. Suckerstarz includes two guys from the very good High-School Motherfuckers! (reviewed here some time ago), and man, they keep on rockinī! A little harder this time, not so much Ramones as HSMF!, more like Backyard Babies and the Wildhearts (of course without the long, boring stuff!), and if you liked Dregenīs and Gingerīs Supershit 666 - then here you got another killer! Thumbs up for a very cool cover version of Hanoi Rocksī Malibu Beach Nightmare. Itīs easy to go wrong with a choice like that, and they really donīt need it here as long as their own stuff is this good. But fuck it, I like it more each time I hear it! Sonicdollz continue the party in the same manner, only a little more ī80īs glammy guitars and some helluva catchy refrains. Really, thereīs hits all over here, and this guy Blondie - vox and guitars for both bands - heīs got something coming for us. Try and make me choose one or two favourites from this disc, and you got me playing the whole record for ya! (Allright - just to mention one: Sonicdollzī Broken. How can you compete with a line like `You always treat me like Iīm a cocksucker.ī)

30. june, 2005
**Ringo Kid**