Starlet Suicide

Out Of Your League, Cd Ep

Second ep out by this Stockholm sleazers. And as far as I can see, this one is also released by themselves.
I liked the other one like 50/50, see here, and this one picks it up where they left us then.
Still, theres a lot of Courteney Love here, and still, shes not my favourite rocker. But shes cool!
The recording has improved a bit, and the songs may be a little stronger, but its definitely the two faster
numbers which turns me on - Hairspary Lover and Ill Be Gone, though HL isnt far from the first track.
They look like a million dollars, and I bet seeing them live is way better than this ep, but it still rocks
pretty good. More will come, Im sure, and we can do nothing but look forward to it!

7. november, 2005
**Ringo Kid**