Starlet Suicide
Broken Doll, CDEP

`You make my heart go boom Jennyfer Star cries out, and though the rest of the band consists of boys, my heart goes boom just looking at the cover! Two of them got the Tommy Lee/Nikki Sixx look, and Miss Star, lead singer and guitars, oozes of sex with her cool Courtney Love style. If youre a fan of Hole, you cant go wrong here. Im not, I can listen to it, they got some cool songs, but Ive always dug Cortney Love and all the stories about her parties and drug problems. What she saw in Kurt Cobain Ive never figured out. This cd ep is pretty raw sounding and lots of guitars fighting for the spotlight. Im a sucker for female vocals and Jennyfer Star is one of the coolest Ive heard since Joan Jett, check out the song Steal My Pride and youll dig it just as much as I do, Im sure. That one along with the first track are my favourites cause they rock hard and fast, the other two is a bit slower and catches on after some more rounds. Though the chorus of You Make My Heart Go stucks to my mind in that irritating way, its an ok song. The last track, Waste Me Away, has a cool mid- tempo pace and one hell of a lyric line: Collect my tears in a jar. Nice guitar playing too and I can imagine a perfect number to finish off the set with, in dark purple lights and smoke. Cool band with lots of potential, they should get out of the Stockholm jungle and move to Norway, we dont have too many glammy bands like this.

24. october, 2004
**Ringo Kid**