Sparkling Bombs.
Dead dreams from the silver gutter CD (CXO005)

To be quite honest, I was a bit nervous before first listen to this record. Since their debut ep, "From bubblegum fun to glittered depression" (reviewed earlier, scroll down!) shook my shattered world and messed it around day and night for weeks, and still does, could these french darlings make a whole record do that all over again?! I fell head over heels back then, and my worries this time are long gone for sure! How could I ever be in doubt, but you all know that many a promising band have failed when it comes to a full-lenght album. And you better believe that Iīve been yearning for this one a fuckinī long time. Itīs been postponed some time, but now itīs finally here baby, and youīll regret the day you die if you donīt buy it. The very first cool thing about it, just like the ep, the title! I guess France can be like Trondheim, Norway some times, the gutter ainīt always a shitty place to be. Youīll find something down there too, and dreams are as much as fun as any place else. And Iīm dreaming to the sound of french glamour, beatiful melodies and dark lyrics about sexual frustration and lost love. And Iīm lost, in the charming accent of lead-singer Alyss while Lady Bittersweetīs tempting me with her sensual backing vocals. Good God, the guitars and the glam-rock beat is killing me! The Bombs slide up and besides the likes of NY Dolls and Hanoi Rocks, I know Iīve said that before, but they really got their own "sparkling" sound, which makes them pretty unique in my book. This is all I ever want to imagine France is all about, and though I didnīt make it to you this time, maybe we gotta get you up-north. īCause this is a band I would be proud to show for the scandinavian scene.
 The nighttime is certainly the best time for "Dead dreams....", but you bet they managed to squeeze in a hit for the summer as well in "Trust in dust". Which hopefully airs all over France on national radio, while romantic couples seek the country side, listening to it on their car-stereos. A couple of songs have been available before, "It hurts me" from the debut ep, and the sensational "Too dead today" could be downloaded from the internet. Still they stand out as favourites, but among the eight other songs, itīs damn hard to point out winners. I think they all are, while keeping on playing it, Iīm falling for every tune here. Well done Bombs, smashing good record youīve made! Most likely, so will the rest of the music-buying public say, when they just get a chance to hear it. Definitely the sweetest rockīn roll album of the year!
PmS: The cd includes two live videos for your own pleasure in front of your computer. Enjoy!
Coexistence Obscure

4. may, 2004
**Ringo Kid**