Snatches Of Pink
Hyena CD (MR-77707)

I donīt quite know where to put this North Carolina band, they remind me of a band I used to listen to a long time ago called Fluf, and sometimes Neil Young pops to mind. Maybe Iīm way off here but Snatches of Pink certainly is a nice aquaintance. Not my kind of hit-machine right away though, I had to get used to their somewhat laid back sound, and not every song get down well with me. But those I like really grows on me like the single "Nero", the brilliant "Otto wood" and the tender "Acetate" which I simply love! Iīve listened to this disc for many a day now, and I think that SOP can go far with this, just watch out in the english music-press, īcause people will probably find Hyena a very interesting album. So go ahead and check these rockers out and thereīs a limited edition with four bonus tracks and a video for "Nero".
I donīt think youīll kill me for it, rather buy me a beer!

18. may, 2004
**Ringo Kid**