The Sirens

The Sirens CD (GH-1119CD)
Hellraiser 7" (WO 012)


It´s partytime again! The Sirens - partyanimals. They have to be, with so many killers on their repertoire. No originals, only coversongs from the golden age of 70´s sleazy glamrock, and other timeless hits. Not quite sure about all tracks here, when they´re from and who originally did them. Outta my speakers, The Sirens make them sound good anyway. From burlesque dancing queens in Ike Turners `I´m Blue´ to dolled up lipstick killers in the Hollywood Brats´ 1974 classic `Chez Maximes´. The Brats are one of my definitive favourite bands, and my favourite mystery is, how the hell can four girls from Detroit do such an incredible version of Chez Maximes?!? Suzy Quattros `Glycerine Queen´ and Slades `Gudbuy T´ Jane´ seems like more obvious selections than the more obscure Hollywood Brats (english boys + one norwegian, ignored by whole of the music industry!), but no less amazing done. And can somebody please tell me who Edmund Montague Grant is? ´Cause he´s the writer of `Diversion´ - which is so fucking cool that I can cry! Sirens, I´m on my knees for you introducing me to this crazy rocker, whose original gotta have a hard time doing yours justice.
The Hellraiser 7", released in France last year, includes three covers of Sweet. The titletrack, Fox On The Run and Wig Wam Bam. I´ve heard both good and really bad versions of Sweet before - but this is by far some of the best! They keep the songs right on track, and I think they even sound like the sisters of Sweet! Rather than anything else, I wanna spend the night drinking and listening to records with these girls.

1. march, 2005
**Ringo Kid**