Live at John Dee, Oslo

I've been a fan of Silver since the second I heard their music. Some bands just hit you in the heart immediately.
So since 2001, I've been following them like a crazy person. It is always exciting when one of your
favorite bands release new records. Don't get me wrong, I loved White Diary and I listened to it to death,
but with their new album, World Against World, I feel like Silver is back where they belong. It is harder, faster,
rawer and even more desperate. But there is optimism in the new album. Where WD was all "the world is going down
the drain, and there's nothing we can do about it", WaW is more "the world is still going down the drain,
but who cares, let's enjoy it!"
The funny thing is that when Silver stopped trying to make hits (or money), and instead focused on making
the music they wanted to make, they filled an entire album with potential hits.
Their new songs sticks in your head like they were duct-taped to your brain. Even my mother is tapping her foot.

Silver has always been a great live-band. They always put on a great show, and you always go home happy and satisfied.
This night was no exception. John Dee was almost sold out, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.
The new songs worked very well live, and the audience had all done their homework and rehearsed them.
We even got one of their very first songs "In Peace United". They played that song at Folken in Stavanger the week
before too, so maybe they'll start doing a couple of old songs everytime they play? They've completely stopped playing
their big hit "Angels Calling", though. That's perfectly fine by me.
It's a beautiful song, but there are so many other songs I'd rather hear.
All in all, another great Silver-show. I'm going to be there at their next gig too.
And the one after that, and the one after that...

Pictures from the show, can be found here: Silver JohnDee

25. june, 2006