Second Thoughts
Arne Thelin pop drops 1987 - 2005
(WiV 029CD)

Itīs a hot day here in Trondheim today! Too hot for me. But as the summer comes,
thereīs always some special bands I wanna listen to. Powerpop got the sound of hot summer days
and steamy summer nights all over. Bands like Ramones, Yum Yums, Nomads, Psychotic Youth
and The Kwyet Kings fits like a cold beer on these days and nights. Itīs all very sexy!
Maybe the sun and the heat, and my dark sun glasses, inspired me to get this review down today.
Iīve had this cd lying around here, putting it on different cd-players around the place,
for some time now. So itīs certainly about time that I tell you good folks what I think about it!
First of all - Iīm not the biggest fan of the garage rockīn roll sound, thatīs heavy dominated
by the organ. Itīs nice, once in a while, with the pure sound of the organ that tears through the guitars.
But, please, let the guitars roar and keep the organ down for most of the time.
I think Iīve said it before, and Iīm more than happy to say it again - in the world of
garage rock, Arne Thelin is the man! Forget about lame, swedish bands with too many
mop-tops. Mr Thelin has brought us the best of the gangs, and this compilation features
all his bands poppier side. From the very beginning of The Joyful Tears, through the hey-days of
The Cosmic Dropouts and The Lust-O-Rama, to the short-lived Bittersweets, and up till todayīs
Bithammer!! And among all those cool bands, the coolest of them all - The Kwyet Kings!
When I first heard the Kings on norwegian national radio, a late night rock-show at NRK P3,
I was thrilled! I went to my favourite local record shop, the day after, and got me the
Need My Lovinī Tonight single. Itīs still one of my faves of Arne, and itīs good to have it here
on this disc, together with the singleīs b-side, which is even better! - Number One.
Even though Second Thoughts is called a collection of pop songs, itīs got a helluva lot of energy!
Youīll need your coolest sun glassses and your tightest black jeans, to block out the sun,
and just let this compilation make you as cool as you wanna be!
I guarantee coolness with this one in your ears!

For news updates and history as well as a bunch of mp3īs  - check out Mr Thelinīs very cool web-site:

7. may, 2006
**Ringo Kid**