Ruby And The Rednecks
From The Wrong Side Of Town, CD (Poo-Poo Platter #3)

If you remember what I wrote about the Sellin Dat Stuff compilation some time ago, which featured among others Jayne County and Lisa Jackson, you´ll know how much I love the Ruby track it featured. Therefore it was with great pleasure one day a package with the whole cd lay in my mail-box. Ruby really has got what it takes for having a grand party and her Rednecks backs her up swingin´ and swaying like noone else can, I´ll bet on it! It sounds like they simply figured out how to have a bloody good time all the time, even if your daddy beats you! Check out the award-winning bar-drinking Beat Me Daddy. By the first sensational swinger, Heaven Grand, you have to skip back. You just can´t wait ´till you´ve finished the whole record. Then it´s the already mentioned Beat Me Daddy, and then follows a nothing but outstanding take on Sea Of Heartbreak! Guess you all´ve heard Johnny Cash´s oh so sad and great version of it, I can tell you it´s a huge fucking relief to put on Ruby with it afterwards. You should try it! This cd is loaded with showstoppers and I wish to God I can see it on stage one day! It´ll be a dream come true for sure. Everyone with a head and two feets should get this, you´ll rock´n roll no matter what!
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7. september, 2004
**Ringo Kid**