The Rooph
These Are Memories Ep (NBR023)

This is actually the first time someone from my own distict has sent me a record! Most of the stuff I recieveīs from everywhere else but Trondheim. And therefore I was a little concerned, īcause as you know thereīs not many good bands coming out of this town. Or as someone else wouldīve put it, that I donīt like. But thereīs always hope when itīs released on Nosebleeder Records, the home of Action Pilots and Null$katte$nylterne. You see most bands up here isnīt interested in "good olī rockīn roll", so to my excitement, The Rooph seem to be. The first track, Hard As A Rocker rushes into the blood right away. A riff they can be proud of and the lead vocals sound very cool. Same goes for the second one, Addicted Romeo, but with even more energy in the vocals and a damn cool guitar solo! Iīm already satisfied and a bit proud that this kind of rockīn roll is from my town. My only wish is that they couldīve gone for a bit more genuine 70īs rīnr sound, I know they wouldīve sounded like The Rooph anyway. They got such a cool style but I miss someone who can loosen up and not be afraid of the Stones sound. That would definitely be something! The two last songs are not that good, not bad either, but they sure got their moments and worth your hard earned cash! Go get it!!
Release date 6. september.

22. august, 2004
**Ringo Kid**