The Rooph

Between Echoes/Inside My Wintermind (Promo cd single)

I had my hopes up for this Trondheim-based band, after their last release, These Are Memories ep (see review on this site). But with this new promo single, I think they´ve fallen into what I call, the mystery of Trondheim rock. Almost every band in this city wants to be the next big thing, trying to invent some kind of new rock´n roll, and then the local paper´s gonna call it the saviours of norwegian rock. The Rooph had a good thing going, but now it´s just tedious. So what if you sound a little like the Stones, Ac/Dc, or Ramones??! I guess you won´t have the press on your side! To me, this new single, sounds like Radiohead or thousands of other brit-bands. Not my thingy, anyway!
You can listen to Inside My Wintermind, and some others here:
NRK Urørt - The Rooph

30. march, 2005
**Ringo Kid**