Ronny Pøbel
Føkk Døkk
(Blikkenslager Records/VME)

I'm a little late with this one since it's been out for 14 days already,
but you've most likely read about the promo single here Ronny Pøbel Brutal Mot Dritt.
And I've done one review in norwegian for the forthcoming Backstage magazine,
so I don't feel that guilty. To be quite honest, I don't have a lot more to say either!
It's been one hell of a ride since the first play and there's no way that's gonna change.
This album kicks so hard and still got the coolest melodies all over. It's like a harder version of Cock Sparrer,
mostly because of the very rude vocals. I guess this will scare some people off, but this band is not here
to please everybody. Though it can almost seem like they've done just that, looking at all those
good reviews and media attention they've gathered. But that's all cool and very entertaining,
cause it seems that a band like Ronny Pøbel has been deeply missed.  
The norwegian lyrics sounds great and with songs about drinking beer and how the society sucks
complete with the love for rock'n'roll - this is nothing short of a masterpiece!
There's already another record planned for release this year, and hold on to your hats -
it's a Christmas party album!

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26. november, 2007
**Ringo Kid**