Ronny Pøbel
Brutal Mot Dritt
(Blikkenslager Records/VME)

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This is the first handheld proof of that a new norwegian punkrock record is on it's way.
Not just another one, not some stupid hardcore shit either, but pure, honest and very drunk punkrock
that'll make you run down your walls! In certain music circles, I think this band will make it big time.
Maybe I'm wrong too, and that they'll really make the big time. This single track gives a kind of hope,
a new path for fast and energetic punkrock. Ramones? Yeah they've got all their records.
Uk Subs? Hell yeah! It don't sound like them, but those two bands leaps to mind during this
two and a half minute shocker.
The release date for the whole album, which is called Føkk Døkk , is set to november 12th,
but lucky you - you can check out 4 songs, including Brutal Mot Dritt, now at the Ronny Pøbel website:

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23. october, 2007
**Ringo Kid**