The Morning Sunburst (Diomede Studios/MML Production)


Handsome eyeliner-boys- and girl, from Italy, pumping it out like they are the masters of sleaze. Iīm really impressed! Former idols like Cinderella and Faster Pussycat spring to mind, as well as the glorious Bang Tango, and some Black Crowes here and there (BTW - have you heard Bang Tangoīs fantastic version of Hanoi Rocksī Futurama?? Check out their Live Injection record!). The rockīn roll scene in Italy seems like itīs really blooming, and the Morning Sunburst shows a band in full blossom! (Ha-ha, I just couldnīt help it! Hope itīs ok guys...) Itīs no kidding - I fucking dig this cd, and they really look the part as well. When youīre gonna be a rockīn roll star, playing like youīre from Hollywood, whistling at the Sunset Strip-girls and your harmonica is your weapon - looks is fucking important! The Radiovipers got what it takes, you wonīt be dissapointed.

For a lot of info, reviews and interviews on the italian scene - check out the great Rockīn Roll Explosion web-site.

30. june, 2005
**Ringo Kid**