Peter Blast
Pure Organic Junk
(Poptown Records)

Soul! Thatīs one word that fits right on!
Mr Blast got soul! No doubt about that.
This brand new disc is compiled of material recorded throughout
Peter Blastīs history in bands such as Degeneration, Blast Factory and Junebug,
as well as his solo efforts. The last solo record, Explode, which the opening track,
Orange Sunshine, is taken from - just listen to the elegant guitar playing and the
sexy back-up vocals, while the distinctive lead vocals ties it all together perfectly.
This is done with love, and so full of soul that it definately belongs in the same catalogue as
Nikki Sudden, Johnny Thunders and Stiv Bators.
They all come from the same school and know how to treat an audience to timeless rockīn roll.
Power ballads such as the fantastic Heaven Only Knows (which is so beautiful that if I didnīt already have it,
I just gotta have it right away after hearing it! You know the feeling, right?) , goes hand in hand with the
piano driven rocker, On A Derailed Train, before the sad, acoustic, bar-room number,
Place The Blame On Me, has got us all hooked in a moody, a little teared up, sing a long chorus.
Hey bartender! - gimme another drink, I ainīt got nowhere to go, and the band aintīt done playing yet!

The Crossroads Hotel, sounds like parts of the Hanoi Rocks have made it down to Chicago.
A really great song, and for sure another favourite, which rocks my glass of
cheap red wine over board!
Nowadays, a compilation record is nothing without a couple of new and unreleased tracks.
Trends? Who cares! New songs are always welcome anyway, and why not blend īem in with the
familiar ones? The previous mentioned, On A Derailed Train, makes a pair here, with the Thunder-esque,
I Ainīt Cursed. This is the way to rockīnīroll, baby!
And the more I want - the more I get!
Last two numbers, a good looking couple of live tracks:
Bo Diddleyīs Pills, and one Blast composition called Good Girls Gone Bad.
Pills - hmm... Maybe too many have already done this one, and noone can match the
Dolls version... Hmm... well, I think Iīve said it before - I canīt get enough of Pills!
And this one just kicks! Nuff said??
Good Girls Gone Bad - more of this, please, pretty please, Peter:-)

Next stop - Chicago!

6. november, 2006
**Ringo Kid**