Pearly Catz
No Ell Alder
(2006 Kattesprall Skivu)

Ive wanted to hear more from this bunch since I saw the video of their amazing tribute to Jokke,
Hvor Er Du n? And they keep it up in that same tempo here. Opening track, No Ell Alder,
gets it rolling for me, right away. What a damn fine number, and probably my favourite. No, Im pretty
sure about it, its my fave and I can easily picture this a great showstopper at live shows!
All five songs are sung in norwegian, in their own special way. "Halling-punk" they call it. Meaning, punkrock sung in a dialect from a "lost valley". Its charming as hell, not only because of that, but the voice
of StZmrf (dont ask me to translate!) can sink a ship! And the lyrics are hilarious, though I do not
agree on all of them. Not all cute boys are gays, you know...
This ep comes with a bonus - the wonderful video to Hvor Er Du N?, made by the excellent
For more video and mp3 action - go check out their very cool web-site, now!

12. march, 2006
**Ringo Kid**