Sle Dæ Beinntj Ned
(CD, Suckmyballs records)

My first thoughts of this album was; “What the f**k is this?”. And after listening to it for as long
as I could take it, my thoughts are pretty much the same.

 Pånnivågn is a ex-LOK cover-band from the most forgotten parts of middle Norway,
who one day started to make their own music. So far, so good. Musically they landed in a nu-metal terrain
somewhere between Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit and Nickelback, and how hopeless it might sound;
they really don’t sound that bad. The real problems start when the band, in their own words;
“decided to make their own twist”. Unfortunately this twist concerns really premature lyrics mostly directed
to the male genitals. Pånnivågn’s press-release says that their lyrics are not for the soft-hearted with a lack of
humour and  irony. Being an ex-comedian I see myself with all the required attributes, but I still can’t get
a kick out of lyrics such as; “tissn min e stør einn din (my dick is bigger than yours)” and
“no e æ en ronkekaill (now I am a wanker-man)”.

 On the songs where they don’t try their best to do musical comedy, Pånnivågn sounds a little like
traditional village-bands such as Too Far Gone and Terje Tysland; nothing I immediately would
recommend for the RRAF-readers. A highlight, however, is the track “Einn om (What if)”,
where they play the genre the way it’s supposed to be played.

 It has to be said that pånnivågn’s biggest ambition is to have fun themselves, and I’m sure they and
their closest friends get good laughs from it. Me; I was not convinced.


20. february, 2007
**Billy McBarbie**