Raw, political punk from the middle of Norway. This is Ørtæv’s first release, as far as I know, and what a release it is! It really should be mentioned that this is way rougher than what I usually listen too, so I don’t have that much to compare it with. But when that is said, I do know what I like and what I don’t; and this was a real pleasant surprise. Though pleasant might not be the right word to use here. This is real aggresive punk with political content and the red flags waving high in the air. Musically it’s not that impressive, and you can easily hear that some of the members don’t have that much experience on their instruments; but what the f**k, it’s punk allright. What I like most on this record is without doubt the lyrics. Some of them are, intentionally or not, very entertaining. Lines like “Æ kjenne lokta av svin, av jævla nazisvin” and ”Knytta næva gir hardar tæva” are some of the stuff you find tons of on this record. My personal favourite is “Foill tå stoff”, a song about drugs and the way out of it. This tune has an unstopable “oi, oi, oi”-chorus, which I really can’t resist. The song “Drøm”, which is the closest you get to a ballad on this album, is also a good one. It has a good melody, and some very cool lyrics describing what seems to be a wet dream about liberation and FRP-politicians leaving the country. What I on the other hand don’t understand with the whole screaming vocal-scene, is that those bands who say they have the most meaningful lyrics, politically or whatever; those are the bands screaming their lungs out, making it impossible to understand a word. Luckily this album has the lyrics written in the coversleeve, and that way you can read for yourself. If you can read...in Norwegian... This band is sure worth checking out if your into aggresive punk, and this album is a good place to start. And while you’re at it; pay close attention to the bass-player’s Rancid-reference in “Metallic blå”.
That’s an easter-egg well hidden, for everyone who bothers to listen.


4. april, 2006
**Billy McBarbie**