The Oowees
The Oowee Beat 7" ep (Sneak 18

Sneakers is back!! This time with a blast of a power-pop ep, The Oowee Beat! All four songs have previously been available on a demo cd, and that´s why you already have read about them. BUT, this is your chance to get your hands on it! Released on beautiful pink vinyl and the cover artwork is terrific! The good old feeling of holding a 7" record is brought to you by Sneakers - they´ll never fail! The songs are classic `happy-go-lucky´ rockers about girls who won´t put a smile on your face. But the songs will for sure, maybe except the lovely little tearjerker, Supermarket Ballad. If I was boss of the airwaves you would be humming along to The Oowees every hour, but for now you have to go out and find your own copy and get all your friends hooked on the Oowee Beat. See you at the dancefloor!

To order the ep - send a mail to the band or Tom Erik at Sneakers:

22. december, 2004
**Ringo Kid**