Not Psycho Enough!? vol. 1
A tribute to the Cosmic Psychos 7" ep (DCR010)


Does it exist another band in the world that´ve had as many a beer as Australias Cosmic Psychos?? I kinda doubt it. I saw this advertisement for some male strip act from Australia called the "Thunder from down under" - how wrong can one be!? If anyone deserves that acknowledgement it should be the Psychos! This fine release on Dull City Records is a proof of that, the first of several as it´s volume 1. Four bands, all european. If the Psychos are the thunder from down under, the Mormones have to be the thunder from up-north. These two guys from Lillehammer, Norway always amazes me. Armed with only a bass and drums they sound like there´s five of them! (You can read a review of their record further down on this page.) They kickstart this ball with a killer song, Allright Tonight, in that true Mormnes fashion sounding like there´ll be no tomorrow. Definitely my highlight on this ep while the stereo prays for that the beating will end soon. Bad Preachers from Belgium picks up very ok, a difficult task after the Mormones´ onslaught, but they let it rip raw and hard with their version of Custom Woman. See a review of an earlier 7" which I like. The brother and sister duo Sloggy from Luxembourg is a weird combo. Not my thing at all, check a review of a 7" down here and you´ll see what I mean. But hey, maybe it could be something for you! Anyway, Lost Cause is their selection. Last band out is Superhelicopter Ltd. from Germany. They got a cool and raunchy sound and can be taken for aussies as well. Recorded in a bunker I guess and I like it. Down On The Farm is also a very good song, so cheers to the germans! Included are some words from one of the Psychos, Ross Knight. 
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26. october, 2004
**Ringo Kid**