Nikki Sudden Memorial Show
Elm Street Rock Cafe, Oslo

This wasn't a funeral. This was a celebration of the life and work of a brilliant musician.
The evening started with Einar Steinseng doing an absolutely beautiful version of "When I Cross the Line".
Why have I never heard of this guy before? His voice fits Nikki's songs perfectly. He also did "Last Bandit",
and "Last Flash Of The Cavalier Nation", and I decided to go buy his album.
Pirate Love is a local band from Oslo.
I've heard a lot about them, but I've never heard their music. Their singer, Jimmi Bensin, did "Fortune of Fame".
Judging from Jimmis stage presence, my guess is that Pirate Love deserves all the good words I've heard about them.

Mark Steiner did a lovely version of "Angels In My Arms". His name was new to me, but I'll definitely keep it in mind. 
Tine (Cables) and Marilou (ex.Umbrella) did "Chelsea Embankment", and were without a doubt the cutest act there.
Tine usually does the backing vocals in her band, but her voice is really good on it's own too.
Chris Damien Doll
(Trashcan Darlings) seriously impressed me with his vocals on "Elizabethan Balladeer". This song gets me lost
whenever my ipod play it. It's so beautiful I forget where I'm going. Don't know why I love this song so much,
but it made this my favorite moment this night.
Chris also did "Great Pharao", because Burnem Müller (Backstreet Girls)
had been sick, and couldn't make it to rehearsals, and he dueted with Strange?Gentle (Trashcan Darlings)
on "Kissed You Twice". In other words; there was a whole lot of Chris this evening. But, when you do
what you do like Chris does it, it's all good.
Strange?Gentle also did "When Angels Die". Nikki Sudden once
did this song on Strange's request, and Strange took the opportunity to sing the song back to him.
I've been a fan of Midnight Choir since forever, so I was very much looking forward to Al DeLoner performing.
I had expected him to do a very Midnight Choir-ish version of his song of choice, "Wake Me Up". He didn't,
and I was a little bit disappointed. Not that his version wasn't good, it just wasn't what I expected.
He still gets a lot of points for looking like a russian spy. Ivar Nikolaisen (Silver), were originally supposed
to duet with his brother Emil (Serena Maneesh), but Emil had obligations with his record company,
and Ivar brought his sister Hilma (Serena Maneesh, ex.Umbrella) instead. They did a glorious version of "God Save Us".
Hilma is Norway's coolest rock'n'roll chick, and their choice of song fitted them perfectly.

 Dave Kusworth did a complete set of Jacobites-songs. A lot of songs I've never heard before,
but they only made me want to go get more Jacobites-records. He seemed a bit confused to begin with,
but got the hang of it quite quick. I don't know how much time they've had to rehearse together, but he seemed
to get along very well with the backing-band the Cavaliers. Who did a great job, by the way.
All in all a lovely evening, about which I write pages. But I'll stop it here. If you where there, you know.
If you weren't, you should regret that decision. Simple as that.

Time to get all sentimental and shit;
Our darling Nikki; Maybe you really were the last bandit.
But even if you were, look at all these great musicians you've inspired. Your spirit lives on in all of them.
 And in all of us. This night was all for you. May you rest in peace.

(Pictures will come soon, but you can see pics of Dave, in the gallery on his site:
Dave Kusworth Homepage )

Official Nikki Sudden Homepage

25. june, 2006