Nikki Corvette and The Stingrays
Back To Detroit
(Dollar Records 2006)

Awrighty, It's time for me to pop my record rewiew cherry!
And what a poppin' it's gonna be with the brand new album from the rock n' roll godess, Nikki Corvette!
Strangely, I'd never even heard of Nikki, until a couple of months ago, when Morten Henriksen (the Yum Yums),
sent me an e-mail with her myspace adress, and told me to check it out.
Of course I did, and I instantly fell in love with the title track "Back to Detroit", then it was nothing else to do
but order my own copy from Interpunk .
I didn't catch the rest of the album at once, but it grew on me fast, and suddenly I was hummin' along
to almost all the other tracks.
If I shoud describe the music, besides the fantastic female vocals, it sounds like 60's girl groups meets powerpop,
and bumps into some leather-jacket wearin' punks from New York City in 1977...
I know she's planning a European tour, and if she comes to Norway, I'll be in the front row,
singin' and dancin' with my shirt off !

Check Nikki out on myspace...

Dollar Record Records

5. september, 2006
**Glenn Glitter**